Remembrance Day 2015

Today I had the absolute honour of reciting The Ode and performing Last Post and Rouse at The Glen Shopping Centre in Glen Waverley. It was a pleasure being involved and it’s great to see more businesses organising ANZAC and Remembrance Day memorials.

Centre staff recorded the following video which was then posted to facebook.

If you or your business are interesting in holding memorials like this in the future, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line. I can help suggest a format or put you in touch with people at the RSL who can assist you further.

Song Exploder: a behind the scenes look at music

I have recently been engrossed by Song Exploder, a podcast in which musicians/composers deconstruct one of their pieces. As a musician I am drawn to the show by many aspects; the usually hidden view of an artist’s influences and methods, the inspiration of hearing a professional musician talk so passionately about their work and my love of TV and film scores, which have now appeared in a number of episodes.

Genres span everything from pop, rap and electronica to TV and film composition and while there are a number of episodes featuring music I wouldn’t normally listen to, I still find them fascinating. One example is Joey Bada$$’s “Hazeus View” which is really not my cup of tea. But its story and the way the underlying beat was crafted is interesting.

The most recent episode while writing this, and the episode that I was busting to share is a fascinating interview with Harry Gregson-Williams about his score for The Martian, in which Harry describes his instrumental choices and his combination of synthesised and live instruments. All I can say is it’s worth a listen!

Other episodes I have enjoyed are from U2 and the composers behind Game of Thrones, House of Cards and Avengers: Age of Ultron, the last of which again gives a great view under the curtain of film scoring and the process the composer Brian Tyler used.

U2 – Cedarwood Road

Ramin Djawadi – Game of Thrones

Jeff Beal – House of Cards

Brian Tyler – Avengers: Age of Ultron

It’s a seriously great podcast and I can’t recommend it highly enough. I found the podcast in iTunes, but episodes are on the website and SoundCloud. I’d love to know which episodes you enjoy!


Well, here we are. Are you well? I am. Well, I was, until I deleted my website.

I’m now looking at the clear field where my website once stood, having unintentionally decided to test my disaster recovery processes. While clearing out an old backup server I discovered a folder titled “Aha”, I thought to myself. “You shouldn’t be here. Begone. You’re not needed any more.” DELETE.

And as it is with these kinds of things, this old backup just happened to be my live website. Running from my backup server. The backup server that, as it is with these kinds of things, isn’t backed up itself. Continue reading

Last Post and Rouse: Victoria Police Academy Chapel

I had the honour of playing the Last Post and Rouse at the funeral of a retired Victoria Police officer in the Victoria Police Academy Chapel at Glen Waverley. This incredible chapel has an amazing blend of architecture, with my favourite feature being the domed, Renaissance-style ceiling. You’ll hear just how wonderful the acoustics are.

It’s rare for me to have video of myself playing at these ceremonies. For this service I stood alone on the balcony, out of sight of the congregation, so I was able to privately capture this video. I have intentionally angled the camera towards the ceiling out of respect for the family and their friends.