Pregnancy Timelapse (Friday Funny)

I’m a complete sucker for these types of videos and while it’s not necessarily “funny”, this one’s very clever.


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Vlog: Richard vs The Dodgy Lung Update

So it’s been quite a few weeks since my surgery and things are still plodding along. I’ve started to finally shake the pain across my ribs (yay!), but I’m still battling a bit of goo in my lungs (boo!).

The great news that I haven’t published yet is that we know my infection is Histoplasmosis, a rare fungal infection I picked up on my work trip to Mexico late last year. I plan to write more on this for you soon!

For now, here’s a quick video about my current health:

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One-liner comedian (Friday Funny)

I might be running a little late this week, but this clip should definitely make up for it! May I present Chris Turner, the one-liner comedian.

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My LinkedIn summary

I just sat down to write a new LinkedIn summary. I wanted to capture what has inspired me to do the work I do and not be all clinical. I’m pretty happy with where I am at and thought I’d share the text here! Continue reading →

Michelle Bridges 12WBT

I am very excited to announce that I have signed up for Michelle Bridges’ 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT), a 12-week guided program involving diet, fitness and lifestyle choices. I watched my wife and her sister have amazing success last year and now, having had terrible luck with my health over the last few years, it’s time to get cracking myself.

The program itself boasts incredibly manageable (and delicious) meal plans, including a weekly shopping list, weekly exercises and videos from Michelle Bridges and her team and an active (and wildly passionate) community. From the 12WBT site itself:

  • Easy to follow workout plans
  • Simple nutrition program with shopping lists
  • Weekly mindset video lessons
  • Support from our experts & forum
  • Invitation to our awesome finale party

I’ll write much more about the program over the coming weeks and months (the round doesn’t officially start until August). I’m very excited to share with you my trials and tribulations. For now, here’s my progress tracker, showing starting, current and goal weights.

12WBT Progress Tracker

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It’s not about the nail (Friday funny)

I’m pretty sure everyone has had a conversation like this. Yes yes, us blokes aren’t the greatest listeners in the world. But to be fair, you ladies aren’t the most straightforward, easy-to-comprehend creatures at times.

Enjoy this take on a common relationship hurdle!

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Welcome Instagram

I am a massive fan of Instagram, the massively popular baby and food-photo sharing app. While I’m definitely guilty of posting far too many pics of the former, being able to snap a picture and immediately be creative with it is almost addictive.

Plus people seem to share much more than photos of babies and what they are about to put into their mouths. Who woulda thunk it?

I’m playing with a way to showcase my pictures on my site. For now, enjoy this post, which shows you my eight latest pics.


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If you want to find me I’m on my trademark RichardThornton username. If I could recommend one account to follow from my feed, check out Nathalie Geoffrey, a.k.a. NathParis. As a lover of all things French, the pictures Nathalie posts can whisk me from my daily grind to a world of breathtaking architecture, delicious food and beautiful people, especially as I recover from my recent surgey!

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Helping an elderly neighbour

Elderly neighbour

Yesterday I helped an elderly neighbour and made the poor old bloke cry with hapiness. When my wife and I moved into our suburb we found two demographics; young families, gaggles of kids in tow, most of whom themselves are new to the area and the older generation whose own families have flown the coop. Continue reading →

Flaming bagpipes: “Thunderstruck”

There are times when I think I’ve seen it all. Then there are times where I discover a street busker playing “Thunderstruck” on a set of flaming bagpipes.

Any GLEE fans think this bloke looks a little like¬†William McKinley High School’s Puckerman?

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FF: Bonus edition

As the curtain slowly closes on a week that has left me feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus, one perfectly-timed YouTube discovery has just about killed me for good. So here, for a bonus Friday Funny, is a clip I dare you to get through without cracking a smile… Now please excuse me while I catch my breath.