Stock photo treasure hunt


Every now and then we’ll be prompted to complete a survey or provide feedback online, whether via a small box or a window-hogging overlay. Today I received a popup window with sound from Ally Henderson, a marketing professional for the digital agency whose website I was viewing, asking if I needed assistance. Being the wary internet traveller I am, I thought I’d go on a bit of an adventure to find out just who Ally Henderson is.

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Bonus FF: The inexplicable pen trick

This bloke was watching the news on TV when the anchor (unintentionally?) performed a little sleight-of-hand and made a pen appear out of thin air. His train of thought and analysis has left me in stiches. And it’s not far from how I would react in the same situation. Enjoy this bonus Friday Funny!

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Introducing “Bugle Brewing”


Many years ago I brewed my first beer. It was an extract can that was an absolute no-brainer; heat it, boil it, add some sugar, add some water, cool it, pitch some yeast and let it go. A few weeks later I bottled it and, as you’d expect, it wasn’t anything exciting. But it was beer. Cheap beer too! There and then I fell in love with the idea of brewing. Continue reading

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EOFY stocktake

Hi! It has been a heck of a long time since I last posted on this site. As always I have continued to have so many ideas of things to write; adventures I have been on, interesting things I’ve seen and, from my nerdy side, cool tech new and tips I’ve come across. But, alas, between a job that has seen me work over two-thirds of my annual hours in 5 months, occasional performances and life with a two-year-old, there hasn’t been much of a chance to sit down and get cracking. It’s time to get fired up again! Continue reading

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