I am passionate about data and making it accessible. My story starts as a teenager when my dad published books of questionnaire results. He was the businessman with expensive Microsoft Access consultants; I was the high school music nerd with trumpet exams and a Doug Anthony All Stars fan site on Geocities.

Late one night, unbeknownst to dad, I tried to add new database fields and immediately forged my IT career path; I broke the database and worked furiously to have everything working by 8am using help files as my guiding light. Dad was chuffed and “hired” me immediately.

Things have come a long way since then. As a Customer Service Rep in a Vodafone call centre I found information impossible to obtain, so I installed a LAMP stack on my PC and built my own knowledge-base. It was later rolled out as the official Vodafone Prepay intranet.

I found I could use the web to deliver large datasets in digestible formats. I also discovered a passion for helping people and businesses access knowledge by building solutions to their needs; intranets, project management systems, mapping and data visualisation tools.

As a gadget freak I have also kept up with the latest tech; I use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host secure, scalable databases, distributed data processing and load-balanced web applications.

My experiences have shaped my work and I haven’t forgotten that night in dad’s office. If there is something I don’t know I’ll seek out people who do and learn from them. My projects are methodical and intuitive with an artistic side; my professional and extracurricular interests often mix – a great indication that I love what I do.