Château Thornton Poker Club


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  • Quick Details
  • PokerStars Setup
  • Joining a Game
  • PokerStars Credit
  • PokerStars Emails


To while away our nights of isolation I’ve set up a free, casual poker club. Games are scheduled on an ad-hoc basis, but I would LOVE you to join in.

The PokerStars client I’m using has a great reputation, but is a little on the cumbersome side, so I’ve put some instructions below. Once you’re set up and familiar with the software it’s easy to navigate and has one of the best in-game experiences around.

To chat during the game we use a Zoom meeting. We’ve had great success running the PokerStars app on a computer (PC or Mac) and Zoom on a mobile device.

Quick Details

Zoom Meeting ID: 812-3481-2739

PokerStars Club ID: 3498559
PokerStars Invite Code: stayhome

PokerStars Setup

I recommend doing this ahead of the game as I need to approve membership.

  • Visit and download the app
  • Create a new account.
    • Australia won’t work as your country*; Canada worked for us!
    • Ignore the Make a Deposit screen when you sign in.
  • From the main screen, click More… (bottom right) then Home Games
  • Click Join a Poker Club
  • Enter your Club ID (3498559), invitation code (stayhome) and name
  • I will then approve your membership ASAP.

Joining a Game

  • Head back to Home Games, then double-click on Club #3498559
  • Click on the Schedule tab, then double-click the upcoming game
  • Click Play Now and confirm entry fee (see PokerStars Credit below)

PokerStars Credit

You’re given 35k in free chips when you sign up. A game costs 20k. Unless you’ve won a game a increased your balance, you can claim 15k chips every four hours by click on Cashier on the top-right of the main PokerStars screen, then clicking Play Money and Collect.

PokerStars Emails

By default, you’ll receive an email telling you about every game I schedule. If this isn’t your cup of tea, you can cancel these in the Options, found when you’re inside the Club:

* PokerStars was once the biggest real-money poker sites in Australia (Joe Hachem famously won some of their big tournaments a few years ago), but due to changes in legislation they have since ceased offering cash games. They continue to allow free games (I play quite a few of them!) but for some reason they are not currently accepting Australia as a location for new accounts. Choosing another country might feel weird, but in our experience there are no ramifications or disadvantages for doing so. 🙂