Skyblock Evolution 2.0

In 2020 I started producing my first Minecraft content on YouTube – Musician Plays… Minecraft Skyblock Evolution, inspired by my favourite creators, ImpulseSV and Skizzleman – Imp & Skizz. Since then, my Twitch and YouTube communities have continued to grow, and I now have a number of series up on my YouTube channel.

In 2022 the second release of the Skyblock Evolution map was published, a project I was directly involved with. The map’s designer Dracconis69 asked me to help write poems for treasure hunt clues and for some of the map’s lore (The Curse of Montezuma). A song I wrote for Imp & Skizz was also included as a secret reward for completing the map. I of course started creating a new series which is available below.

More details about the Skyblock Evolution map is available on its website: