There’ll Be Days

My brother Jamie passed away in 2011 after a long battle with diabetes and its many complications. He was often hospitalised with mild health troubles and my family and I would drop what we were doing and visit. He’d usually bounce back and be well for a while, until the day he fell into a coma he never recovered from.

“There’ll Be Days” tells of my mental health journey in the years that followed.

In the months following Jamie’s death I kept myself busy. My wife and I were selling and buying a property and preparing for a family of our own. As the days passed I realised things were not returning to normal. I was finding myself more distant, finding it harder to focus at work, harder to see friends and harder to continue ignoring my own mental state. On a particularly vulnerable day I told my wife how I was feeling; the conversation that lead me to my family doctor and on to further support.

It has taken me many years to write this song, to balance the gravity of mental health challenges with the cheeky humour I try to write. The lyrics describe the swings and roundabouts I, and many others face while also highlighting that mental health is an unseen illness. The song speaks to my own challenges, but is dedicated to anyone who struggles, or supports others with mental health illnesses.

All proceeds from sales and streams of “There’ll Be Days” will be donated to Beyond Blue.

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