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Musician Plays… Minecraft!

My adventures streaming on Twitch have lead me to some incredible places. I’ve met amazing people, I’ve seen talent unlike anything I’ve experienced in my music career and, of course, the community who have been coming to my channel are an absolutely beautiful bunch of people. And being Twitch, it wasn’t long before gaming came […]

Stay the F Inside

As the world continues to wrestle with the coronavirus pandemic, there’s one thing we know that can make a difference, and that’s simply staying home. After my earlier ode to poo, this follow up song is dedicated to those people who don’t get the choice to stay home – our medical professionals, emergency service personnel […]

Concert for the kids

Our local kids festival has was cancelled, leaving lots of families like mine home with their kidlets at a time when we’re all just a little bit more on edge. I love performing and hoped that by putting on this show, I could help entertain you and your kids for a moment and that we could […]

O M F ing G

O M F ing G is a brand new, original song, dedicated to those who are freaking the heck out about toilet paper as the COVID-19 virus spreads. Here in Australia we have supermarkets completely sold out of the stuff, while staples like canned foods and pastas are in plentiful supply. Wash your hands folks. […]

New Year. New Website.

It’s happened before. No doubt it will happen again. But here we are with a new lick of paint and some pretty awesome new features. In the past I’ve had trouble differentiating between my career in technology and my passion for performing. But with the coming of my company, Cloud Innovation, I can finally keep […]