Minecraft Steve toy

Musician Plays… Minecraft!

My adventures streaming on Twitch have lead me to some incredible places. I’ve met amazing people, I’ve seen talent unlike anything I’ve experienced in my music career and, of course, the community who have been coming to my channel are an absolutely beautiful bunch of people. And being Twitch, it wasn’t long before gaming came to my channel!

Twitch is a largely gaming-focussed platform. It’s a happy coincidence that we musicians “play” music, so gaming terminology on the site fits, though there is a huge, growing community of musicians streaming music every minute of the day. With many of my viewers interested in gaming, and having been enjoying Minecraft as a way to escape and unwind, it made sense that I take a stab at streaming Minecraft – and what do you know – I started seeing as many people come to my gaming streams as my music ones. Add to this my love for video editing and a new adventure was destined to take off…

On October 9th, 2020 I premiered my first Musician Plays… episode. I cheekily named the series this for a couple of reasons; to invert the Twitch terminology on itself and to open the door to future seasons. Season 1 is a playthrough of ImpulseSV and Skizzleman’s Skyblock Evolution map and I have a dedicated page to the series here.

Who knows where this little path will lead, but for now I’m going to enjoy the journey and strive to develop as a creator and ultimately bring you some enjoyable content!