i m a good day to be a good life

Stay the F Inside

As the world continues to wrestle with the coronavirus pandemic, there’s one thing we know that can make a difference, and that’s simply staying home.

After my earlier ode to poo, this follow up song is dedicated to those people who don’t get the choice to stay home – our medical professionals, emergency service personnel and Uber Eats drivers.

Written, performed, recorded, mastered, disinfected and sterilised by Richard Thornton.


There’s a global crisis that has got us all on edge.
The world is changing, that is true.
We don’t know what is next, can’t see the road ahead.
But there’s one thing we’ve got to do.

The news confuses us, I’m going to lose my mind,
The outlook changes every day.
Armchair experts and their research, sharing shit they find.
The noise is driving me insane…

It doesn’t matter if you’re seventy-six or twenty-three,
And there’s really no reason that you should be listenin’ to me.
But here I am and while I’ve got the microphone,
Take it or leave it, you’ve gotta believe it, there’s just one thing set in stone.

The talking heads all tell us we should wash our hands,
But your personal hygiene doesn’t matter to me if you’re hangin’ with your fam!
This social distancing is only just the start,
Hear me on out, you shouldn’t fear it or doubt that what I’m saying comes from my heart.

Here’s a bit of advice, that is totally bona-fide,
All you’ve got to do is simply stay the fuck inside.

We…ve seen what is happening in cities overseas,
And instead of adapting we’ve been overreacting, hoarding groceries.
The supermarket shelves are empty every day,
Just cut that shit, chill a bit, hear what I’ve got to say.

There are some people who don’t get to stay inside
They’re the ones who’ll be there, providing us care, if our health starts to decline.
To any fuckwits who refuse to do their bit,
Nah actually I’ve got nothing to say you stupid pieces of…

Here’s a bit of advice, that is totally cut and dried,
All you’ve got to do is simply stay the fuck inside.

Wee…kly see the sick increasing all around the earth,
And we know there’s a way to keep the virus at bay and get the numbers to reverse,
So let’s all break the chain, try flattening the curve,
By watching people sing online ya crazy bunch of nerds!

Here’s a bit of advice, that is totally justified,
All you’ve got to do is simply stay the fuck inside.